We advise our clients the simplest and fastest way to proceed with an inheritance acquisition procedure, followed by division of the inheritance.
Inheritance law – Osemlak Law Firm also specializes in the aspects related to the lawful share and settlement of donations made during the testator’s lifetime. Let’s not lose sight of matters related to the questioning of a will by the heirs during the pending proceedings for a declaration of acquisition of inheritance.

On the other hand, if rejection of an inheritance is the most advantageous solution for you – in this activity, also an inheritance lawyer (customary term), even by way of legal advice, will indicate necessary actions to take.
We provide legal assistance to Clients who intend to stay permanently outside the territory of the Republic of Poland who, by inheritance – whether by statute or on the basis of a will – remain parties to the proceedings pending before Polish authorities.

If you are looking for an inheritance lawyer (inheritance Wrocław, inheritance Wrocław, inheritance Środa Śląska, inheritance Środa Śląska), please contact us using the form available in the Contact tab or call us at 71 372-38-72 to arrange a meeting.