Civil law

Civil law remains one of the most developed branches of law. It regulates a number of activities related to our everyday life, ranging from simple things such as buying a cinema ticket but also costly obligations, which in the absence of agreement between the parties may cause a number of difficulties in their implementation, including the final failure.

Inheritance, joint ownership and its abolition, matters regarding real estate or personal rights are also strictly regulated by civil law.

Attempts to describe each of the situations that may result in the need to contact a lawyer are useless. We say that life writes its own script, well sometimes also a contract does.

What is important is that, if you receive a lawsuit, a payment order or other official letter, immediately contact the our Law Office. The delivery of a formal letter begins the statutory deadlines set out to take a specific action. By delaying, you limit the time to act.

Osemlak Law Firm represents clients before courts and offices, provides services at the pre-trial stage, including legal advice in the field of consulting the content of the contract – before and after its conclusion; the catalog of contracts is quite wide, there are also mixed contracts in legal transactions.

The most common are:

  • sales agreement,
  • contract of mandate,
  • contract work,
  • lease agreement,
  • tenancy agreement,
  • loan agreement,
  • mortgage agreement,
  • agreement on the assignment of rights and claims,
  • contract for construction works.

Preparation of civil law contracts, preparation of pleadings remains within the scope of services provided by Osemlak Law Firm (civil law Wrocław, lawyer civil law Wrocław, civil law Środa Śląska, lawyer civil law Środa Śląska).

Our office also specializes in loan agreements in foreign currency, including Swiss francs.

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We also represent our clients in – pre-trial – negotiations aimed at amicable settlement of the dispute.

Feel free to contact us via the application form available in the Contact tab or by phone with the secretary’s employee 71 372 38 72.