Administrative law

This particular branch of law – right after civil law – is one of the most expanded branches and at the same time, it regulates significant aspects of our everyday lives.

Usually, our Clients require legal advice at the stage of service of an administrative decision that is unfavourable to their interest. Of course, in this case, the Client is entitled to submit an appeal to the administrative decision (customary term), initially to the superior authority and in case of maintaining the previous decision in force – to submit a complaint to the Voivodeship Administrative Court.

However, we strongly believe that the legal representation in administrative proceedings provided by an experienced attorney, should begin before the issue of the administrative decision. That is the most proper thing to do and the most beneficial way to secure your best interests.

In brief – if you received an unfavourable administrative decision – all is not lost yet, the decision is still a subject to instance control. However, in that case, please contact our Law Office immediately – ideally the same day that you received the decision in question.
Still, I suggest requiring advice prior to the issue of the decision – already at the stage of submitting an application – only that way we can review its efficiency and possibly consider an alternative way to achieve the same goal.

Construction law, tax proceedings, preparing legal opinions, drafting the appeals against decisions, the representation in administrative courts – we provide legal services in all these aspects as well.

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