Internet and IT industry

At first glance, new technologies may seem a creation detached from the legal system in general. This is absolutely not the case, or at least despite the fact that your business will consist mainly of creating somewhat intangible things, they will still be things, and these are sanctioned by the Civil Code.

Your business activity – depending on what form you choose – also by the aforementioned Act or the Code of Commercial Companies. The code and all works in general that you create will be protected by copyright – those referred to in the Copyright and Related Rights Act.

An IT lawyer – an expert in matters related to broadly understood IT law – will significantly facilitate and enable you to direct your causative powers to the subject of business activity that you have chosen. This help – provided it meets your expectations, of course – can be invaluable.
In addition to individual cases, we have a wide range of permanent legal services for entrepreneurs from the IT industry.

Permanent legal services for IT companies – but also selected one-time legal advisory – include such services as: legal analysis of IT projects, analysis of contracts in the IT industry, preparation of contracts for the implementation of computer programs, preparation of contracts for the provision of IT services, but also participation in negotiations before the conclusion of the IT contract, etc.

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