Through our gained experience and versatile knowledge, we solve the most complex dilemmas of legal nature, which may have seemed hopeless to our Clients.

We represent B2B Clients and individual Clients in court disputes, administrative proceedings, procedural acts and negotiations aimed at amicable settlements.

Corporate Clients

Our team is created to render periodic consultations and services, as well as provide long-term legal support for business entities.

Each long-term legal service implemented for a given Client brings many advantages and depends on the scope of our clients’ requests. starting from the current contact with the attorney, through substantive support during formal meetings with counterparties or pre-litigation negotiations aimed at an amicable settlement.

Permanent legal services, including services provided for commercial companies, are always adjusted and tailored to meet the particular needs of our Client through mutual agreement. The extent of the agreement depends on your company’s profile, or in case of associations, on the assignments defined by the charter of your organization. During the initial meeting, we’re able to advise the best variant of legal services that we can provide.

If your company requires permanent legal service of any kind or you need a one-time legal advisory, don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form or please, call us at 71 372 38 72.

Individual Clients

We invite you to contact us personally.

The legal issues that our Clients face in their everyday lives are never trivial. Often they’re associated with their personal lives, which brings particular emotional character to the case. Talking directly to one of our attorneys will allow us to conduct a thorough interview and aptly identify the legal matter that concerns you.

To schedule the most convenient time of an appointment please, contact us via the contact form or call give us a call at 71 372 38 72.

In order to simplify getting in touch with us, we also invite you to contact us via messenger on our Facebook page.