Criminal law

The accused person has the right to defense, including the right to appoint an attorney. The above regulation of the Code of Criminal Procedure also applies to persons who cannot yet be assigned the status of the accused regarding the stage of the pending criminal proceedings.
A lawyer should be appointed in person, however in particular circumstances the regulations give such a time-limited right to a third party.

Without falling too much into technical aspects, which you will undoubtedly be informed about when making contact with the defender, I would like to focus the reader’s attention on the most important matter. When you are arrested, demand that your lawyer is informed about this fact. It’s useful to be prepared for this eventuality and know the basic contact information of your lawyer. Don’t give any statements or explanations without the presence of your defender. Remember as well, that a person questioned as a witness, also has the right to appoint a legal representative – for example an attorney.

Do I need a lawyer in every criminal case?
The answer to this question can only be affirmative. If you don’t know the regulations, you don’t have the experience in criminal proceedings – this is the only right way to secure your best interest.
An attorney experienced in criminal proceedings will develop the most beneficial defense strategy, file all necessary documents or applications and control each and every step of legal proceedings.

A criminal case (criminal case Wrocław/ criminal case Środa Śląska) means not only the defense of the accused. Let’s not lose sight of the victims, to whom criminal law gives a number of rights but also imposes obligations. Legal representation of the aggrieved party in a criminal trial, may be the key to securing it’s best interest.

Defense in a criminal matter is also a representation of a Client at the executive stage of proceedings – after the validation of the sentence – in conditional early release cases, cases related to serving the imprisonment sentence in electronic supervision system, etc.

Criminal law is a specialty of Marcin Osemlak, who earnestly represents his Clients interests across Poland.

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