Construction law

The services provided by our Law Firm in this area are primarily dedicated to entrepreneurs (legal services for developers, legal services for construction companies), because they play the main role in construction proceedings.

However, we do not lose sight of natural persons who start construction of the property on their own, modify it or update its current status in the record entries.

The formal path – for both of them – can be stressful and require a considerable amount of time and energy. At this point, we are already talking about submitting an application for a decision, such as: obtaining permission for the construction of an object, legalization of construction permits or obtaining an occupancy permit. The difficulties arise at the post-decision stage, if the issued decision is not in your favour. The need to lodge an appeal or a complaint requires knowledge of the applicable regulations of the Construction Law (construction law Wrocław, construction law Środa Śląska), including the complicated procedure involved.

Services provided by our Law Firm include representation in proceedings before authorities, offices and courts. We also provide legal assistance at the investment implementation stage. After that, we support our Clients with reliable legal knowledge – to secure their best interests in the present and in the future.

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